Dr. Thalia Farshchian is an accomplished healthcare practitioner who specializes in the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Farshchian completed her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine and her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has advanced certifications in Nutritional Intravenous Therapy and Herscu Model of Homeopathy.

She began her practice with a focus in digestive, hormonal and autoimmune conditions. In the process of working with patients affected by these conditions, she began to see an infectious correlation with many of these conditions. Over the past three years, she has been studying and implementing diagnostics and treatment of chronic viruses, Lyme disease and tick borne co-infections, mold illness and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.) This larger tool kit has enabled Dr Thalia to provide her patients with a broader perspective of what may be impacting their health concerns and how to support them in their healing process.

Her education informed and eventually defined her approach to healthcare. She strives to motivate her clients to become active participants in their own health and wellness. Dr. Farshchian works closely with her patients to piece together the constellation of symptoms to ultimately understand the core issue.

In order to create a successful plan, she believes a treatment should be tailored to an individual instead of forcing the individual to fit a treatment model.

Dr Thalia is well versed in a wide array of treatment options including antibiotics, herbal medicine, diet and nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification, intravenous therapy, bio-identical hormones and other conventional medications when necessary.